Our products are made using domestic hardwoods sourced from reputable and respectful certified suppliers.  Each plank of lumber is hand-chosen for its beauty and sustainability.

American Black Walnut

American Walnut is a tough, durable hardwood beautiful in its tone and grain.  Grown in the US and Canada.  Its color varies from light to rich brown and grain both straight and wavy. We hand-select our walnut for each piece allowing the flow of the grain to come together and work seamlessly - a perfect medium for our design. 

North American White Oak

A straight grained dense hardwood found in the US and Canada.  Its color ranges from pale to light brown. White Oak grain carries beautiful characteristics with it and extreme durability. White Oak is perfect for our linear aesthetic allowing our modern design to be fully represented - a beautiful choice hardwood.


Ipe is an extremely dense and naturally water-resistant hardwood similar to that of Teak.  Ipe is our wood of choice for our outdoor furniture products as it requires very little maintenance and has a durability next to none. Ipe is an actively sought-after hardwood for outdoor use and has become grown in controlled farming environments. We hand-select Ipe that has a subtle, linear grain making it a beautiful medium for our Craftsman Bench when used for spas, patios, or pool-side seating.

Finishes and Care

All of our handcrafted pieces are finished with a low VOC product that protects the surface and lasts for a very long time when taken care of properly.  VOC or (Volatile Organic Compounds) are harmful chemicals that are in many of the lacquers and finishes available, but with a growing movement towards eco-conscious products, more and more high-quality low VOC finishes are on the market today.  

To take care of your product, dust regularly with a soft cotton cloth to avoid abrasive scratching.  Do not allow any moisture, liquids to come in contact with the surface.  Avoid direct sunrays over long periods of time as this may fade the natural tone of the hardwood.

Maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity will allow the wood to remain at homeostasis.  Drastic changes in temperature and humidity cause the wood to shrink and expand, which in turn can cause defects in the furniture.  Consistent temperature and humidity levels are key in maintaining the longevity of the finished product.

Taking care of your handcrafted piece of furniture will allow it to last a very long time.

Our outdoor products are brushed with a natural oil finish.  This should be reapplied each year.

Custom finishes or stains are available.  Please email your request so we can provide an accurate quote.

Take care of your product and it will last a lifetime.