Stephen Lysak, Designer/Founder

Stephen is principal designer and founder of Stephen Lysak Design, a focused design studio specializing in warm-minimalist pieces of modern furniture.

His work merges Nordic simplicity with North American craftsmanship, producing a finely curated collection exuding clean lines, sharp angles, and modern form - making his work a truly distinct brand. 

Each piece is made to order ensuring proper attention to detail and sustainable, heirloom quality.  Made by hand in the United States. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of the design process.  Materials are hand-selected and sourced from respected distributors, finishes are natural or low VOC, and waste reduction/reuse is a priority.  These small details add up to large-scale change. 

Stephen Lysak Design is a true North American brand - a conscious brand with positive ethos.  "I believe great design is timeless.  It inspires us to improve, evolve, and it promotes an overall healthy atmosphere; something I strive to achieve with every creation."  Enjoy.